Vehicle Management: Never forget your MOT or service dates

Our new Vehicle Management system allows you to manage your van (or fleet of vans) easily and simply. 

  • Never forget an MOT or Rod Tax date
  • Never forget a service due date or insurance date
  • Never forget to inspect your fleet
  • Consolidate all your vans in to one system

By adding your van(s) details to the system we can remind you when these important things need to be done - both by email and text message.

As the site grows we can use these details to tailor the site to your individual needs. For example, if you have a single small van then we’ll provide information suitable to you that may not be suitable to a big haulier.

You can add as many vehicles as you want (even your car/motorbike if you like)!

What’s even better is that this is all FREE! There is no cost for the text messages or emails. 

All the best

David and the Courier Club team