Latest Partner On-board! Save on MOTs and servicing

Start saving on your servicing and MOT bills

One of our major goals at Courier Club has always been to try and help you save money on your day-to-day costs - from mobile phones and fuel to insurance and everything in between. And that reflects in the partners we choose to work with.

However, we’ve been wanting to partner with a truly national company that can help you save money on your van servicing and MOT. A partner that could offer you, the Courier Club member, exceptional value for money and quality customer service.

Today we’re very excited to unveil our latest Exclusive Gold Partner…

With 36 locations nationwide, welcome to Ford Retail

Offering low cost servicing and MOTs to all makes and models of van throughout the country (that’s right - you don’t have to own a Ford van to take up these offers). They also provide discounted genuine Ford parts and will price match like-for-like tyres within a 5 mile radius.

All servicing, MOT and repair work is carried out by Ford trained technicians but at prices you’d expect to see from local, independent garages. Not only that, but they will provide a free courtesy vehicle* while yours is in for work so you’ll never be off the road!

Go over to their profile page for more information and book your MOT/service today!

All the best,

David and the Courier Club team.

* Advance booking required, subject to availability.

Greener Driving Saves You Money

As this blog is being written there appears to be a small fuel war erupting - with Sainsbury’s leading the pack on supermarket prices (cutting petrol prices by 3p per litre, as well as offering customers an additional 5p off per litre if they spend £50 in store).

However, when you consider other European countries, the prices we pay for fuel in the UK is rising and rising. Planned government taxations are due to hit in August to force the price up even more.

There are steps you can take as an courier to reduce your fuel costs and become greener in the process:

  • Drive with calm and serenity
    Aggressive driving eats up fuel. Sometimes you need to put your foot down to get out of a sticky situation or to overtake that damned tractor, but by driving with more finesse will help you lower your fuel bills.
  • Be gentle on your brakes
    As with the above point, try and plan ahead with your breaking. Breaking uses up kinetic energy and this is bad for your fuel economy and also bad for your brakes! After all the less you use your brakes the less you need to get them replaced.
  • Save your clutch
    Don’t use your engine to slow you down. Using your engine to break (gearing down) is really bad for fuel consumption and adds strain on your clutch. Break pads/discs are cheaper to replace that clutches.
  • Effective gear changes
    In most vehicles it’s best to change gear around 1,500 - 2,000 RPM. Anything above this and you start to lose fuel economy.
  • Switch off your engine
    Not while you’re moving obviously. But when stationary, idling is effectively 0mpg. If you think you’re going to be stationary for some time think about turning off your engine. This stops burning fuel and reduces pollution.
  • Keep left
    Let all the other fuel guzzlers overtake you. The only winner is you when you don’t have to visit the pumps as often!
  • Use cruise control
    If you’re lucky enough to have cruise control, use it. Especially on those motorway miles - the on-board computer is much more effective than us humans at maintaining a constant speed.
  • Slow down
    Sometimes the goods you’re carrying need to be at the destination in a rush. Sadly tearing up the tarmac won’t get you there much quicker than keeping to the speed limits. Have a look at your vehicle’s handbook, it should tell you the most economical driving speed. This is usually around 50 - 60mph.
  • Lose weight
    The less you carry in your van the less strain there is on your engine. So the trick is, only transport what you need. Dump those old copies of auto-trader, newspapers, pens, pads, maybe even go on a diet if you’re carrying a bit of extra timber. As a famous supermarket says, “Every little helps”.
  • Gadgets cost money
    Not only to buy but if you plug them in to your 12v adaptor then they’re also having an effect on your fuel consumption. Charge up your SatNav, phone, PDA, etc the night before using the mains electricity.
  • Monitor your Miles Per Gallon
    On every fill up - zero your odometer. You can then gauge how well you’re doing on your fuel economy.
  • Keeping cool
    Try to use air conditioning sparingly it can increase your fuel consumption by around 10%. Also only open the windows when you really need to. Keeping your windows open increases drag and therefore it has a negative impact to your wallet!
  • Shop around
    As stated early, there’s a forecourt fuel war on at the moment so it pays to keep an eye on local fuel prices. Sainsbury’s, Asda, Morrissons and Tesco are really trying to get your business. 

As you can see it really does “pay to be green”. Improving your van’s efficiency not only helps your wallet but also reduces your impact on the environment too. Some companies are already using this as a marketing tool to differentiate themselves from the market.


Budget 2012: Useful Summary

Just a quick blog to let you know we’ve updated the tools and tips section to include a useful summary of the 2012 budget and how it could affect you.

Simply log in to the members area and click ton the Tips and Tools menu item.

The Hub - Updated Offers

After being released earlier in the month The Hub has provided to be an easy way for our members to save on their day-to-day costs. In fact, a lot of our members have already made some great savings.

Due to the demand from partners wanting to be included in The Hub we’ve had to have a redesign to make it easier to see offers at a glance. Please be aware that some offers are only available to certain membership levels - don’t worry the membership level is shown on each offer.

We’d also like to welcome Gold Star Vehicle Acquisitions to The Hub. They provide access to some great deals on vans, for example, you could save up to £5,000(!) on the manufacturers listing price for a Ford Transit SWB 250 - quite a saving! Log in to the members area to get more details. 

Job Calculator Updated

We’ve been busy in the members area of the site this week and have updated the popular Job Calculator. It now displays couriers local to your collection point, plus a few other updates. Log in today to see the changes.

Get Covered with Goods in Transit Direct

Get covered with Goods in Transit Direct and reduce your insurance bill.

We are delighted to announce w a new Partnership between Courier club and Goods In Transit Direct

These guys specialise in:

  • Goods in Transit insurance
  • Liability Insurance
  • Courier vehicle Insurance

As they are a niche insurer and experts  specializing in our industry, they are confident they are able to:

  • Ensure you have the right cover In place
  • Quote extremely competitive premiums
  • Talk your language

If your policies are due for renewal we implore you to make contact with these guys, at the very least it will give you peace of mind that you are getting the best deal out there.

For a quote call Scott free on 0800 308 1093 and mention Courier Club or go to their website for more details.

Nevada is officially the first US state to approve self-driving cars. On Thursday, Nevada approved rules for testing driverless cars on state roads.

Need to Raise Finance and Improve Cash Flow?

There are many ways and means to raise finance and improve your cashflow. This ranges from traditional banking overdraft facilities to business development loans, factoring and invoice finance.

There’s no denying that times are tough. The economic outlook is looking stagnant at best and things in Europe aren’t helping the UK economy. Still, this doesn’t mean you can’t expand your business! As we go through the recession and downturn competitors are falling by the wayside so their customers have to turn to a new supplier. Paradoxically this means your business can experience growth even during this tricky period.

Sadly it’s also tough trying to arrange finance through the bank. While the Bank of England is pumping cash into the economy through the Quantitative Easing programme this money doesn’t seem to be filtering down to the heartbeat of the UK - you, the small business.

Have a look at the bullet points below. Can you answer “yes” to any (or all) of the points?

  • Are your customers taking too long to pay?
  • Are you doing really well, but cash is tight?
  • Do you spend all your time chasing debt, rather than selling to your customers?
  • Would 3rd party credit control make your customers pay quicker?
  • Do potential bad debts worry you?
  • Are you looking for funds to realise your plans?
  • Borrowing from the bank is becoming difficult?

If you’ve answered “yes” to any of these points then Invoice Finance could be for you. Here are some of the benefits to using Bibby Financial Services' invoice finance solutions:

  • Offers and immediate injection of cash
  • Offers an ongoing supply of working capital that grows in line with the business
  • Improves cashflow by releasing cash from your invoices
  • Frees you from the burden of chasing customers for payment
  • Provides security and peace of mind with bad debt protection services available
  • Flexibility - confidential and selective funding options available

Bibby Financial Services are offering a FREE consultation to determine if your business is suitable for invoice financing and if so, will waiver the normal setup costs involved.

Get in touch with them now to discuss your requirements further, simply fill in the form on their partner page to get started.

"Goods in Transit Direct are really pleased to be partnering with Courier Club as it’s refreshing to find another company that want to push ahead with services and ideas to help couriers and better the industry, as opposed to just another organisation taking their money. Being completely “courier-centric”, the services offered by Courier Club are something that we think will be a breath of fresh air to the industry"

— Steve Duffy, Managing Director


National FairFuel Day - March 7th 2012

With the worrying political instability in the Middle East and the news that Iran has announced it’s intention to cut off oil supplies to Britain now is the time to start lobbying the UK government to reduce the taxes on fuel.

Diesel prices hit a record high this week and there seems to be no end to the inflation busting rises.

FairFuel UK is trying to persuade the government to reduce duty on petrol and diesel. They are holding a mass lobby of Parliament during the afternoon of Wednesday March 7th. FairFuel UK’s website states, “As a citizen, you have the right to enter Parliament and ask to see your MP.  This right is centuries old.  When lots of people agree to do this on the same day about the same issue is called a ‘mass lobby’”.

You can sign up to their petition online, and/or fill in your details if you’re planning on heading down to London for the mess lobby.