Free Courier Club CRM

Managing customers is hard enough without having to trawl through pieces of paper, Post-It notes, spreadsheets, databases and emails to find the thing they’re calling about.

Let’s not even mention suppliers and other contacts that you interact with on a day-to-day basis.

The new Courier Club CRM allows you to centralise all your customer, supplier & contact interactions so that you and your colleagues can access important information from anywhere, any time.

Using a simple diarised system you’ll never forget that important meeting or that email follow up for the multi-million pound deal. Easily see the tasks you’ve got to do today, those that you’ve missed and those that are coming up.

Record tasks, emails, telephone conversations and meetings against your contacts so that you can provide great customer service every time.

Don’t worry if you have a spreadsheet or database already. Send us your data and we’ll try and import it for you too… all for free!

  • Centralise your customer & supplier databases
  • Easy to use
  • Cloud hosted - access anywhere & any time
  • Record all your interacts against your contacts
  • We’ll import your data for you (where possible)

Whatever size you are, Courier Club CRM is free, for all members. Forever.

Just log in to your dashboard and click the CRM button!

Free CRM for all members

We’re pleased to announce that the new Courier Club CRM system is now in beta testing and available to use by all our members.

You can log in using your normal username & password here:

It is a beta version so if you do encounter any bugs we’d love to hear from you so that we can fix them before it’s made available on the live site.

What is a CRM?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. It allows you to manage all your contacts (customers, leads, suppliers, subbies etc) all in one place. Not only that but each contact can have tasks/activities assigned to them allowing you to manage your time (and your staffs’ time) more effectively.

It’s Free!

Like everything we do it is really free. We want to build systems that our members can use to help them make the most from their business. Our CRM system is yet another building block to help our members save time and money when dealing with prospects, customers, clients, suppliers, subbies and more.

Features and Benefits

  • Create tasks/activities so you don’t forget that important quote/meeting/phone call
  • Manage all your contacts in one place
  • Save time and money
  • Prioritise tasks/activities
  • Manage each activity’s progress
  • Set target completion dates
  • Easy to use interface 
  • Search for contacts, companies and activities

CRM screenshot

Courier Job Opportunity: Weekly Stockport - London

@pudology has asked us to see if we can source couriers/owner-drivers who have the capability to transport chilled goods from their base in Stockport to multiple destinations in London.

A brief spec as follows:

  • Ability to transport chilled goods
  • Weekly/Fortnightly Delivery
  • Stockport to multiple London destinations (plus a few outside London)
  • Chilled deserts
  • up to approx 30kg

Let us know if this is something of interest and we’ll pass your details on, alternatively you can get in touch through their website.

Vehicle Management: Never forget your MOT or service dates

Our new Vehicle Management system allows you to manage your van (or fleet of vans) easily and simply. 

  • Never forget an MOT or Rod Tax date
  • Never forget a service due date or insurance date
  • Never forget to inspect your fleet
  • Consolidate all your vans in to one system

By adding your van(s) details to the system we can remind you when these important things need to be done - both by email and text message.

As the site grows we can use these details to tailor the site to your individual needs. For example, if you have a single small van then we’ll provide information suitable to you that may not be suitable to a big haulier.

You can add as many vehicles as you want (even your car/motorbike if you like)!

What’s even better is that this is all FREE! There is no cost for the text messages or emails. 

All the best

David and the Courier Club team

Subbies: What Colour is Your Van?

We know, like the rest of you, business is getting harder to come by as the effects of the Euro crash are beginning to hit our shores. The industry appears quite flat at the moment and there are no signs of recovery just yet.

It seems that the “rapid response” sameday couriers can give customers is becoming more of a luxury than a necessity these days. No doubt cost is an implication here and something that cannot be addressed with the fragmented nature of the courier industry. Plus some customers are happier to take the risk and save themselves a few quid with parcel networks in the vain hope that their delivery doesn’t become damaged/misrouted through a mainly automated system.

These are issues that courier companies have and are dealing with on a day-to-day basis. But as a subbie, the man in a van, what can you do to ensure that you’re getting all the business you can from these courier companies?

You’ll be surprised to know it’s not always down to price!

Here’s a quick checklist to ensure your name and number is at the top of the pile when a courier company needs a subbie:

  • Cleanliness - remember, you’ll be the courier company’s face to their customer so they’ll want someone who portrays their image correctly. That means clean shaven (neat beard/moustache), clean clothes & shoes/boots, it can be hot in the cab so make sure you’ve got a can of deodorant at hand and make sure your hands are clean too!
  • Reliability - don’t just make sure your van is in top nick, but never turn n a job down you can cover (see stay safe below) just because you fancy a lie in, or it’s friday and the football is on. The on-call traffic coordinator won’t want to ring around a load of subbies to get the job covered. If they know that you are more likely to accept a job - you’ll be the first person they’ll probably call. Bare in mind that you shouldn’t risk burnout (or your family life) just to take a job though!
  • Stay Safe - this goes hand-in-hand with reliability. While you aren’t required to carry a tacho, take regular breaks and keep within driving rules. An accident could take you off the road for a long period of time, a more serious accident could make you liable for prosecution.
  • Look after your van - keep it clean and well serviced at all times. Some courier companies will want your van to be a maximum of 5 years old, anything older and they may look elsewhere. Older vans are still ok though - just make sure they’re well maintained and looked after.
  • White - sadly the cliché is true. Make sure your van is plain white with no markings or signage. If you want to have your name on your van then use a magnetic sign that can be taken off when doing subbie work.
  • Price - Don’t sell yourself short or price yourself out of the market - easier said than done I know. Agree a pence per mile (PPM) when you sign up to be a subbie with them. OK, so I said it’s not always down to price and it isn’t but you can probably ask for a higher PPM if you can prove you’ll be better than other subbies on their books.
  • Customer Service - Always be friendly to the traffic coordinator. Try and be as helpful as possible. The same goes when collecting and delivering your consignment. “People buy from people”, so if a traffic coordinator has a choice of 2 subbies to choose from they’re more likely to choose you.
  • In the cab - The cab is your office. Always make sure you’ve got enough working pens and pencils, your phone is fully charged, your Bluetooth is working properly, a packet of mints and/or chewing gum. Oh, and never smoke in your cab - there’s nothing worse than the smell of stale smoke wafting in through the door when you’re delivering.

If you can think of anything else to add/ammend to the list let us know and we’ll amend the article accordingly.

Thanks to Steven Harrison from Gator Couriers for his updates.

The Olympics Are Coming…

As if you didn’t know?!

You’ve seen the motorway electronic displays are now recommending everyone to plan ahead for their Olympic journeys to and from the capital, UPS vans everywhere displaying the London 2012 logos on their livery, Pampers marketing Olympic nappies (?!?!?!) …

Seriously though, the London 2012 Olympics will cause untold havoc to the road and public transport network on and around the stadia where events are being held. The key dates are:

  • Olympic Games: 27th July - 12th August
  • Paralympic Games: 29th August - 9th September

As part of the largest sporting event in the world Transport for London have developed a website and a number of PDFs aimed at helping your business to run as smooth as possible during the disruption exciting sporting events:

Upload your Insurance Documents

While a number of our members have already uploaded their Goods In Transit, Personal Liability and Courier insurances we’ve noticed a few members haven’t (This isn’t such a bad thing - it just means you have a nasty red cross near your directory entry).

By uploading your documents we get the chance to ensure you’re insured to be a courier and secondly it changes the status of your membership and most importantly you are increase your chance of being the chosen courier when someone does a search in our directory- so it’s worth doing.

Simply log in to your profile and upload you documents. We’ll read them and update the site with your expiry dates & cover. This info will then be available to our other members and general public should they wish to use you.


Partner Spotlight:

When we first launched we were very excited when agreed to offer our members 50 free business cards. It might not seem a lot (after all Vista Print offer 500) but their quality, attention to detail and general niceness makes them one of the best online printing businesses around today.

Moo are a new kind of online printing business

MOO was born out of a love of beautiful, high-quality print.

Printing has been around for centuries, and they’re certainly not the first printer on the web. But, whilst many other printers have chosen to use new technologies to simply reduce the costs of printing (and often the quality), they strive to make print not only cost-effective but better than ever before.

They want to set a new standard for print, with remarkable new products that bring great design and uncompromising, high standards to the web. They’re only young, but when they grow up they want to be the best printer on the internet.

We love moo for what they do and what they stand for and they have similar aspirations in their industry as we have in ours. We believe you won’t go to another printer once you’ve enjoyed using

Jump over to their website to claim your 50 free business cards today.

Customer Service Gone…. Good

Studies have shown that the British public are more often disposed to complain about poor service than waxing lyrical about a good service experience. After all, we love a good whinge don’t we?!

I know I do - I believe it’s part of what makes us British, nurtures our stiff-upper-lip and our unfathomable predisposition to enjoy a good queue.

Whether it’s the buses that don’t arrive (and when they do three come along at once), the weather - (bloody) rain, snow (never prepared/country at a standstill) and even sun (too hot) or even poor customer service.

But how much is GOOD customer service worth to you as a business? Traditionally it’s been unquantifiable without a lot of effort and market research. But with the large take-up of social media across the globe we can now see what people think about our company/products/services.

Social media provides a platform to promote (as a business) and to respond (both as a consumer and business). Here’s 11 great examples of “Customer Service +”, some of these examples went “viral” and became better than any glossy, multi-million pound advertising campaign could ever hope to be.

Is there anything the courier industry can take from these stories? Is it time to remove the stigma we’re tarnished with? Isn’t it time to remove the “well, the parcel arrived on time - what more do they want?" attitude to customer service?

Customer service isn’t just about the American cliché ”have a nice day” attitude, in our industry it can be simple things such as:

  • Clean Clothes & Tidiness
  • Good Personal Hygiene
  • Being Friendly/Approachable
  • Ringing in PODs on Time
  • Communication (if you’re stuck in traffic, have a puncture, etc - call your customer, they’ll appreciate the call)

There are many more ideas, I’ll save them for further blog, but I think you get the gist. Don’t forget, you’re a representative of the customer who booked you - try and imagine what you’d think if you came through the front door delivering a parcel.

It ain’t rocket science but sometimes good customer service is so simple it’s difficult to see.

Job Calculator Updated

We’ve been busy in the members area of the site this week and have updated the popular Job Calculator. It now displays couriers local to your collection point, plus a few other updates. Log in today to see the changes.