Free Courier Club CRM

Managing customers is hard enough without having to trawl through pieces of paper, Post-It notes, spreadsheets, databases and emails to find the thing they’re calling about.

Let’s not even mention suppliers and other contacts that you interact with on a day-to-day basis.

The new Courier Club CRM allows you to centralise all your customer, supplier & contact interactions so that you and your colleagues can access important information from anywhere, any time.

Using a simple diarised system you’ll never forget that important meeting or that email follow up for the multi-million pound deal. Easily see the tasks you’ve got to do today, those that you’ve missed and those that are coming up.

Record tasks, emails, telephone conversations and meetings against your contacts so that you can provide great customer service every time.

Don’t worry if you have a spreadsheet or database already. Send us your data and we’ll try and import it for you too… all for free!

  • Centralise your customer & supplier databases
  • Easy to use
  • Cloud hosted - access anywhere & any time
  • Record all your interacts against your contacts
  • We’ll import your data for you (where possible)

Whatever size you are, Courier Club CRM is free, for all members. Forever.

Just log in to your dashboard and click the CRM button!

Customer Service Gone…. Good

Studies have shown that the British public are more often disposed to complain about poor service than waxing lyrical about a good service experience. After all, we love a good whinge don’t we?!

I know I do - I believe it’s part of what makes us British, nurtures our stiff-upper-lip and our unfathomable predisposition to enjoy a good queue.

Whether it’s the buses that don’t arrive (and when they do three come along at once), the weather - (bloody) rain, snow (never prepared/country at a standstill) and even sun (too hot) or even poor customer service.

But how much is GOOD customer service worth to you as a business? Traditionally it’s been unquantifiable without a lot of effort and market research. But with the large take-up of social media across the globe we can now see what people think about our company/products/services.

Social media provides a platform to promote (as a business) and to respond (both as a consumer and business). Here’s 11 great examples of “Customer Service +”, some of these examples went “viral” and became better than any glossy, multi-million pound advertising campaign could ever hope to be.

Is there anything the courier industry can take from these stories? Is it time to remove the stigma we’re tarnished with? Isn’t it time to remove the “well, the parcel arrived on time - what more do they want?" attitude to customer service?

Customer service isn’t just about the American cliché ”have a nice day” attitude, in our industry it can be simple things such as:

  • Clean Clothes & Tidiness
  • Good Personal Hygiene
  • Being Friendly/Approachable
  • Ringing in PODs on Time
  • Communication (if you’re stuck in traffic, have a puncture, etc - call your customer, they’ll appreciate the call)

There are many more ideas, I’ll save them for further blog, but I think you get the gist. Don’t forget, you’re a representative of the customer who booked you - try and imagine what you’d think if you came through the front door delivering a parcel.

It ain’t rocket science but sometimes good customer service is so simple it’s difficult to see.